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Request for Reconsideration of Material

  1. We appreciate your concerns and welcome your comments. Requests are limited to one active submission per patron or organization to allow staff the time to properly research and respond.

    The reconsideration of material process is open to all citizens of Burleigh County as taxpayers who fund the library’s operations, as well as individuals who are current non-resident cardholders.

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  7. In order to have a request for reconsideration of material reviewed, complainants must reside within the library’s service area (Burleigh County) or have a current non-resident Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library card. Upon receipt of this submitted form, the library director will consult with the librarian who purchased the material in question, and the Review Committee will decide to retain, relocate, or remove the material; respond in writing to the complainant, and provide the complainant with a copy of the library’s Collection Development Policy. 

    Should the complainant not agree with the Review Committee’s response, they may appeal to the library director. Should the complainant not agree with the decision of the library director, they may request a hearing with the library board of trustees by notifying the library director, who will include the hearing on the board’s next meeting agenda. Following the hearing, the decision of the board will be the final decision.

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