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Library Card Application

  1. Before you fill out this form, please know that you must provide photo identification (ND issued driver's license or a ND issued non-driver identification card) and proof of current address in order to retrieve your library card. (Children and teens under 18 can be issued cards under a parent or legal guardian's ID)*
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Street Address (If Different than above)
  4. Would you like to receive notifications about hold requests and overdue items by text message?*
  5. Children ages 17 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present with required ID in order to retrieve a library card.

  6. Patrons under 18:
  7. Parent/Legal Guardian is responsible for all library card activity and fines accrued by minor.
    Please read carefully:

    As a Bismarck Veteran's Memorial Public Library cardholder, I agree to:

    Abide by library rules regarding behavior, public computer use and borrowing materials.
    Be responsible for the items and charges incurred on this card.
    Report my library card's loss or theft immediately.
    Inform the library of any changes in my address, telephone number, or email address.

    Please allow 1-2 business days for processing of online library card requests. After you have submitted this application, you will have 30 days to retrieve your new card.
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