Ben Franklin 100 Club

Join the Ben Franklin 100 Club and receive the following benefits:

  • Ten percent off a coffee drink at The Gifted Bean Coffee House
  • Recognition in The Limited Edition newsletter and on the Donor Kiosk in the Library
  • Invitations to Foundation events
  • Email notifications of upcoming Library events (must supply email address to the Foundation)
Membership dues: $100 annual donation

Benjamin Franklin was one of 17 children. Because he only attended school for three years, he was basically self-taught. Yet, he was an author, printer, diplomat, inventor and governor of Pennsylvania. He started the first fire department, "discovered" electricity, and invented the lightening rod, bifocals, the odometer and many other items. Perhaps he's been known as a Founding Father of the United States.

Another Ben Franklin may visit Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library today on a quest for a better life. Join the "Ben Franklin 100 Club" and help ensure the Library remains a superb center of information.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin
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